Your local dumpling dealer

The Rolling Pin team are thrilled to open our new permanent home in Pakenham Street West, in the corporate heart of Wynyard quarter.

Everyone deserves a fun and delicious lunch and an escape from the stress of the office. That’s why our handmade, steamed dumplings are best enjoyed with your colleagues and are your local fix for a quick, healthy and affordable lunch.

Our store has a few seats for days when the Auckland weather isn’t too flash, but when the sun’s out, we’re only a short stroll from the waterfront and Wynyard Common. We find that the perfect lunch is spent outside with friends, and what better way to get ready for the afternoon than eating our delicious, soft dumplings, served with a generous splash of our homemade chili sauce and our colourful and crunchy Asian slaw.

Here for your regular fix?
Don’t wait till Friday to have fun. The Rolling Pin is here to serve you your fix every weekday. So, say goodbye to boring lunches or expensive and rushed meals, and hello to your local dumpling dealer.